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Sound Box Electronic Siren

Sound box electronic siren

SOUND BOX Electronic Siren

The soundbox is a cost-effective electronic siren solution for facilities that do not require audible coverage at long distances. The electric cabinet of the siren is compact, light and combined with uniquely designed aluminum speakers offering 360 degrees audio coverage.
It also supports wireless activation panels and remote activation or voice announcements via GSM network, limiting the need of installing new network cables.

Use cases examples:

  • Mass notifications for Hospitals, Schools, Camps
  • Fire Warning
  • Public Addressing and Voice Announcements


wirlles2GSM Network Control

Soundbox offers remote control through GSM network. This allows the activation of the siren and display of the critical information of the electronic siren using a smartphone, through an Ios/Android app developed by us.

Some of the features of the app are the following:

  • Custom buttons creation for easy and fast Emergency Signal Activation
  • Ability to create customized function keys for the access and activation, by means of configuring/settings your own activation scenarios
  • Live Voice announcements


360° Axial Speakers

The light aluminum Axial speakers provide audio coverage of 360°.
Their performance is 106db at 30 m.
The soundbox can host up to two 360° Axial speakers or 4 Directional LoudSpeakers
and 2 Class D amplifiers of total wattage 500watt.


Improved Battery Technology

Soundbox is equipped with Improved Battery Technology which does not have the limitation and faults of Lead Acid Batteries.
The soundbox features improved technology batteries that are not subject to the restrictions and drawbacks of lead batteries.

Among others, they offer:

  • 10 years Lifetime
  • 2000 charge-discharge cycles
  • Fast charge


Wireless Activation Panel

The soundbox can be activated using wireless controllers; this raises the need for new cabling installations. Wireless controllers use the Short Range Devices frequency (868mhz) and have a range of up to 5km subject to visual contact.


Micro Sd card

It is equipped with a micro SD memory card allowing you to load your own wav files, depending on your needs.


Fault Indication

Automatic notification in case of a problem or fault with a siren on the network.
See critical status of Electronic siren, like battery level, Power Loss, Door open, Fault     Speakers/Amplifiers



Soundbox is fully compatible with all Comtel Sirens, while it can connect on the same network with other siren models. It supports many network types, such as:

  • VHF/UHF 
  • TCP/IP
  • Fiber Optics
  • Wifi


 Web based Configuration via Ethernet port

The new portable siren of Comtel features an Ethernet port and a user-friendly web interface for its configuration. This, there is no need for dedicated software or additional equipment for siren set-up.All the user needs is a laptop and an Ethernet cable.

SB Series Models