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Electronic Sirens
Early Warning Systems

Portable Electronic Siren

portable electronic siren

Portable Electronic Siren

The portable electronic siren is designed with a main focus on the fast and easy deployment within seconds.
The uniquely designed aluminum speaker is light and offers wide 360-degree audio coverage over long distances. Its performance is 98db at 30 m.
It is supplied with a voltage of 12v using the power socket of a vehicle. Battery pack supply is also provided as an option.

Its fast and easy deployment renders it ideal for use on Police Cars, Firetrucks, Civil Defense Vehicles, for Mass evacuations over large areas which do not avail permanent installation of Early Warning Systems

Use cases examples:

  • Anti-Terrorist reactions
  • Quarries and Open Cast Mines where Blasting Warning is required
  • Tsunami or Tornado Warning
  • Mass notification and Crowd Control
  • Public Warning (PAGA P.A.G.A.)


 Bluetooth Connectivity

Comtel PORTABLE ELECTRONIC SIREN with Bluetooth ConnectivityThe portable electronic siren can interface with smartphones via Bluetooth functionality.
To this end, we have developed an Ios and Android app which includes pre-installed distress signals. In addition, you can add any sound file,
or even record an announcement.


 360 Horn Speaker

The light aluminum speaker offers a 360 degree audio coverage over long distances. Its performance is 98db at 30 m. Its support features high quality magnets for easy and fast mounting on vehicles’ top.


 Fault detection

It supports silent testing in order to identify amplifier, speaker and battery faults.


 Micro Sd card

It is equipped with a micro SD memory card allowing you to load your own wav files, depending on your needs



The portable electronic siren is fully compatible with all Comtel Sirens. It can interface with COMTEL-BUS so as to trigger other siren networks or individual sirens.







 Web based Configuration via Ethernet port

The new portable siren of Comtel features an Ethernet port and a user friendly web interface for its configuration. Thus, there is no need for dedicated software or additional equipment for siren set-up. All the user needs is a laptop and an Ethernet cable.