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CS Electronic Siren


CS Electronic Siren

Electronic Siren CS is a high performance siren with an audible range up to 2.5km. Each siren can be fitted with up to 6 Class D amplifiers with a total capacity of 1800watt and with up to 18 horns.
In addition it can interface with a broad range of networks such as:

  • Fiber optics
  • TCP/IP
  • Wi-Fi
  • GSM
  • Modbus

All these features render the electronic siren CS suitable for the most stringent and demanding projects.


Long Distance Networks

The electronic siren CS supports special networks such as UHF/VHF and fiber optics.
These types of networks allow the operation of sirens from a distance, up to several hundred kilometers,
while also allow the formation of large siren networks able to cover an entire prefecture, or even an entire country.


High Audio Performance

Each electronic siren may host up to 6 Class D amplifiers of a total wattage of 1800watt and up to 18 horns. These features allow siren CS to achieve extreme sound performances and its capable to produce 127db at 30 m.


Control Center Software

In order to be able to control large siren networks, we have developed TALOS software.
TALOS is able to activate sirens, notify users on faults and run reliability tests.
Through TALOS all mission-critical information required for the siren network appear on a display.


 GSM Network Control

Siren CS offers remote control through GSM network. This allows the activation of the siren and display of its critical information through a smartphone, using an Ios/Android app developed by us.

Some of the features of the app are the following

  • Custom buttons creation for easy and fast Emergency Signal Activation
  • Ability to create customized function keys for the Access and Activation, by means of configuring/setting your own activation scenarios
  • Live Voice announcements capability
  • Fault Indication
  • Automatic Notification in case of a problem or fault with a Siren on the network.
  • See critical status of Electronic siren, like battery level, Power Loss, Door open, Fault Speakers/Amplifiers


Wireless Activation Panel

Siren CS can be activated using wireless controllers, this raises the need for new cabling installations. Wireless controllers use the Short Range Devices frequency (868mhz) and have a range of up to 5km subject to visual contact.


Improved Battery Technology

Siren CS features improved technology batteries that are not subject to the restrictions and drawbacks of lead batteries.

  • 10-year life-cycle
  • 2000 charge-discharge cycles
  • Fast Charging
  • Lead-Free /Non-Toxic


 Fault detection

It supports programmable silent testing in order to identify amplifiers, horns, batteries, and communication faults. It can also provide notification on any fault through: SMS, light indicator, voice message.

CS Series Models