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MC6-25 RGBW Smart Warning Beacon

warning led light beacon base outdoor

MC6-25 RGBW Smart Beacon

warning led light beacon base

MC6-25 RGBW Smart Beacon is a fully configurable Multicolor Led Warning Light. 
It is fully compatible with Comtel’s Sirens and Human Interfaces Devices and can operate  with a Siren network  or as a Stand Alone Unit.

MC6-25 RGBW Smart Beacon ATEX version

For Hazardous Areas an ATEX version is available.
The ATEX version deploys the same features as the Standard version and is combined with an Explosion Safe Enclosure.

warning led light Atex Beacon
warning led light beacon network

15 Full Configurable Flashing Scenarios

Supports up to 15 programmable flashing scenarios with different Speed and Color Combinations.



Supports Ethernet / Wi-Fi / RS485 / Wireless SRD connectivity.
Also MC6-25 is fully compatible with Comtel’s Human Interface Devices Like:
CMC-8/CMC-4/TALOS/AM-10W/ Android IOS Apps .

Fault Detection

Supports Schedule self test in order to identify Errors regarding Battery condition and LEDs operation.
It can also provide notification for fault through:
SMS, Light Indication, Relay Output and automated reports to TALOS or CMC-8.


Siren’s Error Indication

MC6-25 Warning Light can be connected with a Network of sirens and configured with special Flashing Scenarios for Siren’s Errors Indication.
MC6-25 Warning Light Can give you visual Error Indication for Faults and Errors for any siren in the Network.


 Stand Alone Operation

4 Fully Configurable Digital inputs that allow for:

  • Push button connection in order to Activate / Stop or Make Self Test to the Warning Beacon.


  • Send broadcast Activate / Stop or Make Self Test commands to other Sirens on the same Network.


  • Connect Pir Detectors / PLCs / Tamper contacts which can trigger Alarm Activation and Automated reports to Control Center or to a Smartphone.


These Features make it suitable for Stand Alone operation or  cooperation with other Sirens on the same Network without the need to add extra Human Interface Device for the basic operations.


Warning Led Light Configurator 2
Warning Led Light Configurator 1
Warning Led Light Configurator 3