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Electronic Sirens
Early Warning Systems

ΝΑΡ 2500 Portable Alarm Communication Station (VHF/UHF)

ΝΑΡ 2500 Portable Alarm Communication Station (VHF-UHF)


NAR-2500 is a portable electronic Siren with two Way (VHF/UHF) Digital Radio.
With NAR-2500 we can create a network of autonomous portable electronic Sirens, which support Live voice communication and alarm Enable/Indication between them and the Central Station.
NAR-2500 continuously checking if it’s in range of the Central Station and indicates Communication Loss.


  • Two way Voice Communication between other NAR 2500 units and the Central Station
  • Alarm and warning Enable/Indication
  • High capacity batteries
  • Long Distance Communication up to 30km
  • Low battery Indication
  • Loss communication with Central Station Indication